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Legio EZ-Test

Does your hot sanitary water system contain more than 1 000 CFU/L of legionella?

The first testing kit allowing you to determine in the field whether your hot water network complies with the regulatory threshold:

  • Exclusively detects culturable Legionella pneumophila, all serogroups (CFU/L)
  • In 48 hours
  • At regulatory threshold (1 000 CFU/L)

Confidential results, obtained on-site by your staff , in only 2 days.


waves and drop
waves and drop

Uni-Test Equipment

The Legio EZ-Test kit can be used with Uni-Test field equipment, allowing you to perform one test at the time. This equipment is suitable for occasional testing needs.

Multi-test equipment

For larger test volumes, the portable laboratory enables you to perform up to 6 tests simultaneously. The Multi-Test field equipment is also compatible with our Legio EZ-Count testing kit (for sample analysis of cooling tower water).

What does the Legio EZ-Test testing kit allows you to do?

The Legio EZ-Test kit includes all consumable reagents allowing hot sanitary water sample testing. Used in combination with your choice of equipment, the Legio EZ-Test kit allows you to know in 48 hours whether your hot sanitary water sample contains more or less than 1 000 CFU/L of culturable Legionella pneumophila from any serogroups.

How does the test work?

A Legio EZ-Test test is performed in three simple steps: sample preparation (10 minutes of manipulations), incubation (47 minutes of waiting), and revealing (50 minutes of manipulations).

Is the test easy to perform?

Our R&D team has designed a simple protocol that does not require any technical or scientific skill. Your are guided step-by-step throughout the implementation.

How is the result displayed?

Results are provided by colorimetric reading of solution absorbance at the end of the test. You just need to insert the solution into the colorimeter. The number obtained indicates whether your hot sanitary water sample contains more or less than 1 000 CFU/L of Legionella pneumophila.

Which equipment to choose for your Legio EZ-Test analysis?

A Legio EZ-Test kit may be used with Uni-Test or Multi-Test equipment. Based on the number of samples you want to test each month, you may choose one or the other equipment.

Is this method approved for regulatory tests?

Regulatory testing of hot sanitary water must be performed by certified laboratories. However, health authorities require that a register be kept to regularly track the HSW quality. Legio EZ-Test offers a simple and efficient method to monitor the legionella parameter.

Do you need assistance for using your kit?

Our team is at your disposal to assess your testing needs based on your installations.


Test volumes matching your needs

Each installation has its specificities. Our team will suggest a program that fits your sanitary risk management process.


Integration into your existing protocols.

We accompany you in the seamless integration of our solutions into your existing procedures.


Support for easy deployment of our solutions

We assist you through the adoption of our solutions by your staff.


Get assistance from our water analysis expert.

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