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Legio EZ testing Kits

Our legionella risk management solutions (viable and culturable Legionella pneumophila, all serogroups) are culture-based (thus ensuring reliability) and allow you to obtain results in the field(point of care) in only 48 hours (instead of 10 days when using the laboratory reference method).

Our offer currently consists of two equipment types (portable laboratories) and two assay kits. Legio EZ-Test, is aimed at hot sanitary water analysis and Legio EZ-Count is dedicated to ACT water analysis.


Legio EZ-Test, for Hot Sanitary Water (HSW)

Compatible with two equipment types (enabling 1 or up to 6 simultaneous tests), Legio EZ-Test determines the absence/presence of legionella according to the regulatory threshold, in 48 hours.


Legio EZ-Count, for air cooling tower (ACT) waters

Compatible with the Multi-Test field equipment enabling 1 up to 6 simultaneous tests, Legio EZ-Count provides a semi quantitative evaluation of legionella concentration in your ACT water samples.

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