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C4Hydro Blog

Latest news about legionella risk management, regulatory framework and detection methods.

Wastewater Linked to High Risk of Legionnaires’ Disease

Studies found that aerosols contaminated with legionella can spread as far as 8 miles away from wastewater sources[1]! As a result, Legionnaires’ disease associated with sewage do not only affect plant employees but has also a large-scale impact on neighbouring...

Legionella Risk Management in Healthcare Facilities

Health facilities are at particularly high risk of legionella infection. Their large, complex water and air conditioning systems are an ideal growth environment for this pathogenic bacterium. Hospitals, retirement homes and clinics serve vulnerable populations, highly exposed to the most severe form of Legionnaires’ disease. As a result, health facilities are subject to stricter controls than other types of public buildings and must implement an efficient prevention strategy.

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