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Legionella pneumophila testing kit

Detect legionella pneummophila in your water in only 48 hours

Why is it important to monitor Legionella pneumophila?

For sanitary purposes, water system owners and operators are subject to regulations requiring monitoring of this pathogenic bacterium in their installations.

Legionella risk in the showers for public facilities.

All water systems are concerned.

Public buildings, hospitals, local authorities, spas and industries: all public and private actors operating hot sanitary or air cooling water systems must ensure that legionella concentration remain below the regulatory threshold at all points throughout the network.

Legionella health risk in water

If the threshold is exceeded

According to the rate of legionella found in water, health auhorities may order water service shuting off due to a high sanitary risk. The installation operator must then take the corrective steps and provide evidence of treatments to health authorities before he can resume network operation. How? By conducting an assay through a certified laboratory which requires more than 10 days to provide results.

Hot water networks and legionella risk management

In case of contamination

Every installation owner or operator is both civilly and criminally liable regarding sanitary risk management.

Our professional legionella concentration testing solutions

On site – In 48 hours – In all water networks

To this day, no rapid detection method could provide equally reliable results as with the regulatory laboratory method (assessment of legionella concentration in CFU/L). With C4Hydro’s Legio EZ detection kits, take control of your water system and enjoy responsiveness.

Our Legionella Detection Kits for cooling towers

  • Stay within legislative standards, and assess the concentration of Legionella pneumophila in Cooling towers water system
  • 5 time faster than laboratory results for an equivalent result
  • On-site results, and samples provided by your own team, for perfect responsiveness and confidentiality.

Our Legionella Analysis Solution for Sanitary Hot Water Networks

  • Detect Legionella pneumophila all serogroups
  • Get your test result in 48 hours, compared to 10 days for lab results
  • A simple, fast and reliable detection method equivalent to ISO and NF standards



Water testing for legionella

Efficiently monitor legionella risk

  • Evaluate Legionella pneumophila concentration in Hot Sanitary and Cooling Tower water systems.
  • In only 48 hours
  • With full autonomy, on-site, without having to rely on a laboratory.
Water testing for legionella in laboratory

Reliable results

Our technoloy uses the same method as laboratories: microbial culture. Therefore it provides equally reliable results. What is its advantage? A breakthrough CNRS innovation that allows a result in 48 hours instead of more than 10 days. What is the consequence? You are able to determine Legionella pneumophila concentration in your network at any time.

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Straightforward method

You will be guided step by step through the 3 simple-phase assay, requiring no more than 1 hour of manipulation and 47 hours of waiting.

  • No technical qualification needed.
  • No training needed.
  • Easy-to-read result
How to reduce the costs of your installation for testing Legionella pneumophila
water assay

Reduce operational costs

  • Avoid facility closure
  • Treat your water network only if legionella presence has been established.
  • Adapt your treatment to the effective legionella concentration in your network

Is a regulatory test approching? Do not take any risk of being tested positive any more


Perform a preventive test before sending in your samples


Check your treatment efficiency


Map the risk points throughout your network


Conduct your mandatory self-monitoring tests


Anticipate before reopening of your seasonal installations


Track your compliance works

C4Hydro : the only method capable of assessing the effective risk, in record time

Get a free consultation with our team

We offer a free assessment of your current methods to determine how Legio EZ solutions can help you anticipate and monitor Legionella risk.

Legio EZ solutions

Legio EZ solutions have been designed to provide an easy-to-use, quick and efficient legionella risk monitoring tool in water. Based on Diamidextechnology, a patented CNRS innovation, Legio EZ solutions are the only available solutions allowing detection of on-site, culturable Legionella pneumophila, of any serogroups, in only 2 days. They are the most reliable and accurate alternative to the traditional detection culture method.

The EZ-Test and EZ-count detection kits can be used with field equipment suitable for various assay volumes, depending on risk management frequence and specificities associated to your activity and network type.


Legionella risk: implement the right action, at the right time

Our team is ready to assist you.

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Identify the appropriate contact point: risk control is achieved through the assistance of various experts. Methodical assessment of risk in your installations, treatment and maintenance of your systems, audit of your procedures, our partnering expert network is at your service.

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